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Science diplomat @ Embassy of France

Professor of Computer Science @ PROMES / UPVD

Former Member of France's National Council of Universities

Former Programme Officer @ Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Former Research Associate @ CNRS

  • LIP (UMR 5668, Lyon) and LIRMM (UMR 5506, Montpellier) laboratories


Publications by the numbers

Books and chapters in books 5  
Journal articles 18
Peer-reviewed articles
in conference proceedings
41 including 2 invitations,
most cited article appears in 93 publications
Other presentations 66 including 9 seminars in foreign countries
Reports 101    including 45 diplomatic cables
Software 8 including FP2 distributed by NetLib
h-index Google scholar  18 Since 2014: 9
i10-index Google scholar 30 Since 2014: 9
Citations Google scholar 1302 Since 2014: 493

Selection of 5 recent journal publications

Selection of 5 recent conference publications and book chapter

PhD advisor (6), board of examiners for PhD (14) and HDR (1)


Guest editor

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